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April 1, 2009

Welcome to the project

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keypadThis is an open source project aims to develop tools and libraries for dialing URI addresses (SIP softphones) directly from telephone’s numeric keypad w/o phone directories.

Encoded uri (for instance, SIP VoIP phone number) consists of decimal numbers only and can be entered from any telephone or other device.

Sometimes it is necessary to dial sip:alice@atlanta.com or anything else from the numpad. But how? Answer is not clear.

Aim of this project is provide an simple algorythm of translation SIP addresses (or e-mail address - in does not matter) into sequence of decimal numbers. It is not intended for sofphones in general.

Does it work?

You can imagine- produced sequence of numbers is really long .This picture is captured from the the “The IT crowd” (episode “Calamity Jen”).

Phone number 1189998819991 1 97253 has equivalent 118wy&ut1www1 (It is not nice-looking sip phone address but it demonstrates that numbers are usually longer than corresponding addresses). So we optimize of translation procedure to produce remarkable sequence of numbers. “Remarkable” means that produced numbers are started from the same sequence of digits for yours company’s domain.

Try it

What is needed - download and install plugin for the SIP server currently in use. The list of SIP server growing each month so if you do not find out plugin for your server, please ask us or vendor of your SIP server when it ‘ll be implemented. After that, you can use our tools or just visit web site and get number for the address you want to call.

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