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August 19, 2007

ICS Corporate Overview

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ICS Corporate Overview

“Information corporate system” (ICS) provides enterprise development, IT consulting and remote administration, mostly for government structures which operates in Republic Sakha – the biggest region in Russia.

Company’s mission is consolidating efforts of IT specialists working on IT projects in the republic and looking ahead for perspectives of IT infrastructure growing in areas of government management, medicine, education and science.

In our closest plan is IT park development around Yakutsk State University, the largest university of Russian Federation in Far East region in co-operation with some institutes headquartered in Yakutsk such as Institute of space physics, Institute of physical and technical problems of North.

The main goal of this project is utilize infrastructure of institutes and university, especially for high skilled engineers and students in development of novice IT technologies in co-operation with republic government structures and AlRoSa mining company, the investor. Affiliated company can offer offices for rent soon in district which in construction now.

The project

Our location is described as far, far away from Moscow and it is our strength of some kind. In contrast to other IT parks opened in European cities of Russian Federation we can not pretend to develop IT park follows common way, therefore we seeking for alternatives. Nowadays I found that our company can start with dozen high skilled with more than 10 years experience IT specialists here in Yakutsk to work on one high-tech project, and we can invoke technical writers, PR, marketing and other specialists too.
The disadvantage is last hardware development in Yakutsk was stopped at 90’s and systems engineers, electronics engineers are leave city or start work at IT departments as IT specialists. Student’s education is limited by PIC controller programming. The main advantage is long winter night so a lot of people spent time at the Internet and self-education in software development for themselves. In case if somebody provides opportunity to realize their knowledge, they‘ll work days and nights. It means we can find specialists in software design and development for Intel PC architecture practically in any aspects right now. We can focus at the moment in software development for PC – device drivers, front-end program, programming devices etc and moving to controller’s programming later.
Other aspects
The way we investigate is cooperation in hardware development and product promotion. Our role which I see is embedded software development, writing and translating user manuals, providing technical support in Russian Federation.
In the future we hope obtain grants and practice working in areas of hardware licensing in Russian Federation including RF compatibility testing. There are specialists in university who have experience in this area. But for now we are not ready to do that. Also, ICS is not a logistic company. Transport network in short words is absence there.
We can do information support of products – hardware and software, implement marketing research, providing technical support, and be a member of development team as engineers and other specialists.
Republic government year by year sends students abroad Russian Federation to the universities.
Description of project
I would like offer you to create line of simple in use and relatively cheap WiFi devices for Internet users in two form-factors:
“mobile phone” or “wireless phone”;
“MP3 box” - sized headphone set
with brand name “XXXXX! Phone” and distribute them over instant messenger users, where XXXXX can be Google, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber or anything else.
Wireless technology is not last news of course. Anyway it seems like WiFi coverage spread world fast.
In comparison to mobile phone such device does not require cellular network. In fact it is mobile IP phone so it must be cheaper for users. In comparison to real IP phone this device does not act as IP phone exactly. It means this device utilize IM infrastructure instead of Cisco Call Manager ™ that requires IBM server and operates with user nicks instead of phone numbers (mostly).
Of course WiFi coverage is small and limited by office, home and some public venues which provide WiFi connection to the network resources for their customers.
Usage fast and cheap WiFi connection gives new possibilities for users:
talk more to their colleagues and friends over LAN, metropolitan area network and Internet;
listen audio and radio over Internet;
download audio and video content on to the device with ease. It means no need to bring laptop to the trade center or internet café or plug in USB memory stick into heavy iron box placed in public venue.
Main goal is offer very small devices compatible with existing instant messenger infrastructure so users can start use them easily, share nicks worldwide over Internet.
Market overview
The oldest competitor is IP Telephony. Implementation of IP telephony is relatively difficult and expensive. Consumers usually are big corporation which build telephony utilizing their network infrastructure.
The famous competitor is Skype. I know that Skype WiFi phone introduced last year and there were other similar products. But Skype itself is growing rapidly just for last 5 years. Skype’s and instant messenger customers are sitting at the desktop and prefer use rich environment which Windows operating system provides. Therefore AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ and others are waiting for a moment. History of instant messaging is much longer than Skype and IM market is bigger. And there is a new huge player - Google Talk. While WiFi hotspot network is spreading worldwide,
Mobile IP phone have advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the cellular phone.
GSM and other cellular networks loss their weight in data transfers because they can not provide cheap and relatively fast network connection. Their problems are expensive infrastructure, expensive long-distance call rate and expensive roaming. The advantage of WiFi phone is utilizing Internet infrastructure existing already. Also it is potentially good market for innovations, especially for new kind of software – gateways between local WiFi hotspot network and LAN, MAN and WAN. For developers there are new possibilities to extend functionality using identification of hotspot which user connect to (without GPS receiver), especially if WiFi cover area less than usual.
Main problem of WiFi is impossibility of persistent network connection when user moved out office and home. But in practice most people don’t like be available all day and night. Ordinal PC’s instant messenger or voicemail server which receives messages when user is not available looks like a good solution of this problem.
Technical summary
WiFi device is safer than most of cellular phones and gives adequate Internet connection. More importantly direct connection to LAN at no cost gives new opportunities to the IT specialists in development of new mobile applications.
Other known problems of all mobile devices are small screen and inadequate keyboard. Because Mobile IP Phone interacts with network services it is possible to use phone such as wireless key to log on to the office’s domain or wake up home PC and automatically start synchronization between PC and phone and open user-preferred environment. For instance user can visit office, use phone to find out “available” PC in manner of car remote control and check arrived e-mails in a seconds. It means no-cost LAN connection gives opportunity to use any PC or terminal with monitor, full size keyboard and mouse to interact with Mobile IP Phone. In my opinion it is more affordable in most cases use really small devices such as USB memory stick than pocket PC.
Because IPv.6 stack does not spread over world already, IPv.4 limits exists. This device can avoid IPv.4 limit in a manner how instant messenger do. It means utilizing existing instant messenger network infrastructure in the process of establishing direct user-to-user connections.
There is no reason to provide any additional connectors or slots. In my opinion this device can be as simple as possible and sell with hard-coded identifier.
Of course design of Mobile IP Phone is not easy task. Taking first look such devices must have simple design - small monochrome menu (“roaster”) and less than or equal 10 buttons to select person talk to. Because person is not identified by a number, no “0”-“9” digit buttons are required. Because we plan utilize computers in LAN to provide more functionality, it is possible render text and images at PC and send roaster to the device as bitmap. It gives more flexibility in localization. But it is not clear, especially if user suppose he or she prefer to enter numbers making call to the “ordinal” phone thru gates.
I mean we can investigate market by development series of small devices, starting with very simple device step by step:
WiFi flash memory stick (in contrast to USB memory stick such device can by use wirelessly to open locks in buildings using MAC address and we can find out new application for this device);
WiFi “pager” (beeper) – to receive e-mail arriving notification and read IRC messages - by adding LCD display;
WiFi two-way “pager” – to provide more complex services by subscription - by adding small keyboard;
WiFi internet radio station receiver;
WiFi voice recorder – to store voice (or recognize) in attached PC – by adding analog converter
WiFi phone itself
Because we plan use office LAN or home PC actively (WiFi usage means PC is very close in area), most of calculations must be executed by PC software, therefore WiFi, voice processor chips, small processor and minimum memory is enough to implement such devices.
Of course it is a draft idea. I’m working in software design and telecommunication more than 15 years and I see problems in this project, but anything we can solve. If it is not affordable – the main idea and offer is – we can design software for PC (in this project there are a lot!) and start working with you in hardware development.
I hope you find out our offer suitable for this time. Anyway I appreciate and encourage your feedback. Should you have any questions concerning this, please contact me by e-mail.
Andrei Ivanov,
“Information corporate system”, SW department.

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